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Loan Tracker

In this course, we will cover some very important aspects of SWIFTUI 3.0.

The course is focused on data passing and structuring for SWIFTUI.

We will use MVVM pattern to develop an application that will use CoreData and CloudKit to save, read update and delete data from the CoreData and CloudKit. Also, we will add some custom calculations and visual interfaces to sort our payments and provide information on the loan.

Hi, I’m David Kababyan

I have graduated from university in 2012 with BA in Multimedia. Since then I have taken various other courses for programming in PHP, Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI. I really love programming, its my passion.

I have been developing for iOS since 2014. I have worked on various other multimedia projects like movie shooting and editing, 3D modeling and animations, flash animations and website design and development.

Create New Loan

Add new loan object to keep track of.

Add Payment View Screen

Add a payment for specific loan.

Payments View

List of all payments separated grouped by year with payment progress and estimated finish date.

Choose a Pricing Option